Learn and Share in a Mastermind

We've got experience to share in a mastermind setting; sessions facilitated by Jim James who has over 25 years experience of marketing communications.

Mastermind Sessions

In a confidential setting, build a plan to market your business. From these sessions you will be able to build a plan using our templates, and will be able to save your company time and money. Plus, the knowledge you gain will be with you for this role and throughout your career.

On the SPEAK|pr Mastermind we are going to help you to use public relations to transition those who are receptive to a solution like yours, get them to become aware, interested and then engaged; at which time they become so happy that they become become evangelists for your brand.

Imagine if customers came to find you, and then went on to tell others!

…if they arent coming, its probably because they dont know who you are… 

…so heres a simple, proven and effective process to get you noticed.

Mastermind description:

This 6 week SPEAK|pr™ practical course has been developed to share our expertise in communications with companies who want to get noticed but don't want to engage an Agency to help. It's ok, we understand that sometimes it's best to do the work in-house, but there are some skills and tools which Agencies know which can help. 

So we share those on this mastermind, with an intimate peer group working on your own company but using our 5 stage SPEAK|pr™ methodology.

The course outline

The 6 week course will take just 60 minutes per week from a busy schedule, and will be conducted in a socially distanced setting (i.e. via Zoom) until circumstances allow for meetings.

The materials will also be available online for study at your own pace, but the mastermind sessions with a peer group are of essential importance to the program participation.

The sessions will be held at the same time on the same day of 6 consecutive weeks to ensure it's easy to keep everyones diaries aligned.

SPACES are limited to 6 per session. This is because the peer group sharing is as important as the content we are going to share; so we limit the numbers so that everyone gets the attention that they deserve. We are going to do our best to group people so that they will have things to share and to learn, but also that they aren't in a competitive situation with anyone in the Mastermind. 


The STEPE Methodology

Our mastermind materials have been developed on the proven STEPE methodology. This is because we believe that a mastermind is not about knowledge, but rather about doing and sharing. If we want to know something, we can simply read a book, or more likely, Google it.  So we have designed the mastermind to be a 'doing with other people also doing' course as in our experience:

a) it's how people learn best 

b) it's more fun 

c) you build a network of peers at the same time. (now that is efficient - it's more like an escalator than a step!)

  • Skill, the first step in teaching another person a skill is to clearly set out the expectations and outcome.
  • Theory,  It’s a detailed dive into the skill. It will be presented in person, as video and text.
  • Example, We can learn best from case studies of others, and these will be introduced to prove the theory works.
  • Practice, To transfer a skill it takes practice, practice and more practice. It's why this is a mastermind not a course.
  • Evaluation, Yes we are going to ask you to show us what you're doing, so that we can be sure that you really get it, and can go back to your office (or home) and do the work yourself. Our job is to help you to be self sustaining, and the evaluation is our way of checking in with your levels of understanding. If they are not where we both want them to be, then we'll arrange a one2one session to get over the hurdles so you can run free and #getnoticed.

This is the same methodology which has been successfully deployed in Australia to create the comedy training school "Is This On" which is featured on Apple TV.

The small print.

Language: English

Each session held one time per month.

Price: Pioneer pricing at GBP1499 (+VAT). After this promotion the price will be GBP2,500 per candidate.