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So this is what we are working on - an index to evaluate just how much input you have to make to take people from being receptive to being evangelists for your brand.

Linkedin have the SSI, and we are building the Active Communications Index. It's great to know the results, which the SSI shows you, but we are interested in how much work you need to do to get those results. In this way PR can be measured in an more meaningful way.

This is BETA - so do please share any thoughts on how we can make this more valuable to you.

We're on a mission to help business owners to #getnoticed, and to know just how much work they need to do to engage people to become evangelists for their brand. Take this test to check on your own activity, and we'll also be sharing industry benchmarks to give you a guide of how much you may want to be communicating in order to stay competitive.