The SPEAK|pr process is simple to follow but effective.

We have made templates which anyone can use and share with their teams. The goal is not to make more work for you, but to create some structure and flow to ensure consistency of communication.

The toolbox which means you can get to work on your own campaigns quickly and at no cost.

There are 5 stages and each one has it's own tools, simple methodologies which when used create consistent and compelling pr campaigns. Without these though, people often get lost and then drift in and out of the market with incoherent stories about themselves. 

The Storyboard for your organization

We've also created this simple storyboard which helps the team to think about what can be said each day of the week about your company.

Most people find this the hardest part, but let's show you how easy this can be with some simple pointers: 

Stories about the people inside the company

Stories about the company itself

Stories about the goods, products or services on offer

Stories about your partners and how they work with you

Stories about how your customers are being made into heroes by you

Stories about when you do something different

Stories about why you believe you're making a difference

Stories about which events you're going to take part in

Stories about celebrating the good times & the bad...

So you get the's just about creating a structure and following the process to get more and more great content.

The Technology Applications Directory offers free solutions.

We believe that technology changes the game; it makes it as easy for small companies to look big as it does for big companies to look small.

There are over 8,000 marketing technology applications on the market, and you can find masses of them listed on sites like Capterra and Chief Marketing Tech.

However, you probably don't have the time to sift through all those so we've sorted out 100 and separated them by function to make it simpler and quicker.

We'll share this with you when you join the Mastermind, or simply send us your email address using the link below.

Let marketing automation be your secret weapon in moving audiences from ignorance to evangelism for your brand.