Agency Owner Turned Trainer

I've set up and operated an international agency, EASTWEST Public Relations, since 1995 and provided counsel to countless companies at all level, and I know what works. I've also set up non-Agency businesses including importing cars and drinks to China. I've been an entrepreneur and know how cost effective and powerful public relations can be to secure investors, engage employees, attract partners and retain customers.  This course is my contribution to share what I know with everyone who isn't ready for an agency relationship but does want to get noticed.

I can show you how we do it, build your business, and save you money in the process. Now that has to be worth speaking about.

Yes I want to get noticed.
Jim James, founder and facilitator.

Jim James

Jim has run his own international public relations agency since 1995 from Singapore, and whilst living in China (2006-2019) set up the import business for Morgan Motor Company, WAKE Drinks, and was the interim CEO of Lotus Cars China. He was the Founder of the British Business Awards and British Motorsport Festival in China, Vice Chairman of the British Chamber of Commerce China, and was Founding President of the Entrepreneurs Organization (Beijing). He has provided counsel to over 500 clients including AT&T, Philips, Roche, Microsoft, Nortel, RIM, GSMA, SONY Pictures, Quantel , Queens University of Belfast. He is also a Partner in the Asiability consortium. Married with 2 daughters and a beagle, he now lives in Bath from where he operates EASTWEST Public Relations with offices still in Singapore and China.